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Connecting Our Generations For A Stronger Future

"Intergenerational practice should be recognised as a central pillar and a foundational building block of society, essential for creating stronger and more connected communities for the long term."


Intergenerational England

Intergenerational England is focussed on transforming the social fabric of our society by bridging the intergenerational divide across people, sectors, and government. Intergenerational practice should be recognised as a central pillar of society, essential for creating stronger and more connected communities for the long term. Intergenerational interactions provide opportunities for individuals from different backgrounds, generations and walks of life to come together, share experiences and knowledge, and contribute to their communities ultimately, addressing the societal challenges stemming from ageism, social isolation, and limited intergenerational cooperation. 

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Our Approach

Intergenerational England is driven by a holistic approach that transcends sector boundaries and focuses on addressing the pressing priorities of society. Through collaboration across sectors, Intergenerational England seeks to create a united front in tackling these challenges. By bringing together stakeholders, including government, public, voluntary, and private sectors, we can recognise and respond to the wider determinants of health and wellbeing that affect individuals' lives.

To achieve this, Intergenerational England will drive forward the field at both a practice and policy level, working to promote, advocate and facilitate intergenerational and cross-sectorial initiatives to create stronger societies.


Lord Syed Kamall, Member of the UK House of Lords

“Intergenerational England is a true champion of the benefits of connecting individuals and communities across different generations and backgrounds. Whether connecting through music, or bridging the age gap through other activities, we can improve our wellbeing and the health of our communities with more intergenerational initiatives.”  

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Intergenerational Toolkit

This toolkit offers practical guidance to help inspire you as you embark on your journey towards fostering intergenerational connections in your community.

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Claire Fuller, Chief Executive of Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System

"We know that if the NHS carries on working on its own we can only impact people’s health outcomes by 20%; the rest is governed by other socio-economic factors such as someone’s mental health, whether they are feeling isolated and other factors relating to their environment.  That’s where the intergenerational work is so powerful and why I’m so delighted to be supporting Intergenerational England.”

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