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Welcome to our resource page. Here you will be able to find a wide range of resources designed to support you in implementing an intergenerational aspect to your work and much more.

napa guide to meaningful visits for friends and family.jpg

This guide is dedicated to supporting you in encouraging and facilitating meaningful visits, which are vital for optimal wellbeing and happiness.

napa toolkit for activity providers for meaningful visits.jpg

Take a look at NAPA's carefully curated resources and thoughtful guidance on how to make meaningful visits for highest impact on care home residents.

top 5 tips for moving & grooving into a healthier new year.jpg

Move & Groove is an award-winning intergenerational music
and movement project which encourages movement and connects people of all generations.

Together with music enrichment pack creating meaningful connections with your

The Together with Music care home pack will guide you through unique and creative ways to build strong intergenerational connections with your community.

intergenerational music making an intergenerational toolkit.jpg

Take a look at the Intergenerational Toolkit from Intergenerational Music Making to learn more about how to make your work intergenerational.

intergenerational England an intergenerational toolkit.jpg

Our Intergenerational Toolkit offers 6 top tips for intergenerational delivery that can be easily adapted to your setting, and 5 top tips for sparking connections.

Quick guide to avoid ageism in communication.jpg

This short guide aims to help you improve your communication efforts by avoiding ageism in the messages and images you use.

Global campaign to combat ageism toolkit.jpg

This toolkit will equip you with the  resources to learn about ageism, initiate your own conversations, organise events and more.

Guide for social workers how to use music .jpg

A guide for social workers on how to embed music in personalised social care plans for people living with dementia and their carers.

Singing tutorials and tips for care staff.jpg

The following resource offers 5 short tutorials to help care staff and others to lead music and singing sessions for older people.

Later life in the united kingdom 2019.jpg

This fact sheet offers statistics from across the sectors, including loneliness & isolation, housing, later life, dementia and much more.

How to activate your inner activist.jpg

This guide offers a step by step process to activating your inner activist, supporting you in understanding your role.

Magic Me, Arts & Ages A guide to intergenerational work.jpg

This booklet is designed to assist primary schools and venues for older people in their intergenerational collaboration.

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