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Welcome to our research page. Here you will be able to find a wide range of research and studies on intergenerational practice from industry leaders.

Generations does when you’re born shape who you are.jpg

Generations provides a bold new framework for understanding the most divisive issues raging today: from culture wars to climate change and mental health.

studying generations multidisciplinary perspectives .jpg

This collection introduces and explores the growing field of generational studies, providing a comprehensive overview of its strengths and limitations.

Non-familial intergenerational interventions.jpg

Opportunities for social connection between generations in the UK have diminished over the last few decades because of changes in the way that we live and work. 

an intergenerational audit for the uk 2023.jpg

This fifth Intergenerational Audit for the UK – part of the ESRC-funded research programme on how living standards have changed for younger generations.

We must adapt for an ageing population says Chief Medical Officer .jpg

Professor Chris Whitty's annual report says we can improve older citizens' quality of life, and this should be a major aim of policy and medical practice.

In search of a single figure – measuring societal progress in 2023.jpg

We need analysis of economic, societal and environmental indicators together to provide a true and full account of what life is like in the UK. 

Accelerating Reform Fund for adult social care .jpg

Information on the £42.6 million Accelerating Reform Fund to

boost quality and accessibility

of adult social care in England.

shifting how we view the ageing process.jpg

This document offers ideas and suggested actions intended to be of use to anyone who is interested in improving lifelong ageing for all.

age - friendly and inclusive volunteering.jpg

A new guide to help organisations make their volunteering practices more age-friendly and inclusive. The Centre for Ageing Better.

Connecting generations_ planning and implementing interventions for intergenerational cont

The guide provides step-by-step guidance for anyone who is using or wishes to use intergenerational practice to combat ageism.

Roadmap to a national  youth strategy.jpg

This document offers ideas and suggested actions intended to be of use to anyone who is interested in improving lifelong ageing for all.

Policy must tackle root causes of England’s record mental ill-health, says report.jpg

Ministers must tackle poverty, poor housing and air pollution to improve England’s worsening mental health.

Creative health review How policy can influence creative health.jpg

The Review highlights the potential for creative health to help tackle pressing issues in health and social care and more widely, including health inequalities and the additional challenges we face as we recover from Covid-19.

The impact of social prescribing on children and young people’s mental health and wellbein

There is emerging evidence around the benefits of social prescribing for young people, particularly for those aged

over 17, on personal and

mental wellbeing, including loneliness.

dare to imagine artists & care home staff working together to embed creativity in care hom

A report from Magic Me

outlining their artist residencies

in care homes, research goals, research findings and

conclusions made from

this 4 year study

(2019 - 2023).

Youth sport trust active across ages evaluation report(1).jpg

The Active Across Ages pilot was an action-based research project focused on intergenerational activity, inspired & facilitated through the power of play & sport.

Policy paper A consensus on healthy ageing.jpg

The consensus on healthy ageing outlines how we can work towards more of our older years being spent in better health, while reducing inequalities.

Delivering more joined-up care for local communities Community providers are working with

Find out how how integration between primary care and community providers can support admission avoidance and reduce delayed discharge.

Youth United foundation and intergenerational music making_ silver united findings.jpg

Learn more about the key findings from Silver United, a cross-generational project to scope and test the potential for
long-standing partnerships between uniformed youth groups
and retirement living venues

Silver united evaluation report.jpg

Here you can find the evaluation report of the Silver United project, conducted by YUF and IMM,

and learn more about the

project, consult, delivery, evaluation, conclusions drawn and next steps.

Health in 2040 projected patterns of illness in england.jpg

The report outlines future projections on the ageing population, how this will have an effect on public services, longer time spent in ill health and suggestions for actions that would reduce the risks.

Creative Health the arts for health and wellbeing, inquiry report.jpg

Learn more about the key findings from Silver United, a cross-generational project to scope and test the potential for
long-standing partnerships between uniformed youth groups
and retirement living venues

Music Moves Creative Learning and Dementia, Phase II Evaluation Report.jpg

This Toolkit Report presents evaluation findings, practical tips and recommendations designed to help others understand how to adapt and apply the Music Moves approach within their own projects.

Intergenerational Music Making_ Covid Response Evaluation Report.jpg

This evaluation from Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) underscores the effectiveness of virtual activities in sustaining connections between older and younger individuals during the pandemic.

intergenerational social action in rural schools An evaluation .jpg

This project, funded by The Dulverton Trust in partnership with the #iwill fund, aimed to connect approximately one hundred young people in schools with local older individuals.

millenium care more than just a garden.jpg

Take a look at how Millenium Care are utilising their garden to promote intergenerational relationship building, a healthy lifestyle and better physical and mental wellbeing.

Bridging Hearts Across Generations.jpg

Norley Hall Care Home is welcoming students from Hope School and College to open opportunities for work placements and personal development. Learn about the benefits here.

Music Session Uniting Residents and Babies.jpg

Incorporating music into daily routines ensures that it remains a tool for bonding, learning, and sensory exploration. Learn how this care home is bonding with generations.

young adults 2020 IF Index of young adults’ wellbeing.jpg

The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) attempted to measure how the wellbeing of young
adults aged 18 to 26 in the UK changed over the period between 1991 and 2017-18.

New survey reveals half of people don’t believe they will look good when they are old.jpg

Find out more about the New Age Without Limits campaign that aims to change the way we all think about ageing, and support a growing movement working to make society more age-inclusive.

Generations unlocking the productivity potential of a multigenerational workforce.jpg

This report marks the first of a multi-year research partnership between The Inclusion Initiative and Protiviti to help leaders invest in the employee experience of multigenerational teams to raise productivity.

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