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Talking Generations

Talking Generations is an awareness campaign working to highlight the importance of connection between different generations and across our communities, challenging the status quo around age, mental health, community and wellbeing.


Take a look at this page to learn more about our social media campaign, how you can get involved and our Talking Generations podcast.

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#TalkingGenerations Social Media Campaign

We invite all organisations and individuals who believe in the power of bridging the gap between generations to join the #TalkingGenerations movement. We're calling for people to inspire connection across generations by posting images, films and stories of the special connections they share with friends,
family members, neighbours or colleagues and the common passion that bridges their age gap.

How To Get Involved

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Select a picture that makes you smile or brings back fond memories of you with someone special.


Write your caption telling us why this person is special to you and what brought you two together.


Add #TalkingGenerations to your post and share!

Talking Generations Podcast:

The Talking Generations Podcast aims to bring together people from across the generations and sectors to share their stories and experiences. By highlighting the voices of people from different walks of life, we hope to bridge the gap between generations and create a more inclusive and connected society.


Each episode features guests from different age groups, professions and walks of life. Our guests share their insight on various topics including health, education, the arts, culture, and social issues to explore just how important it is for people to connect with different generations, and how best we can support this across the different sectors.

Talking Generations encourages guests and listeners to question the status quo, challenge assumptions, and actively seek out opportunities to learn from and collaborate with people of different ages and backgrounds.


Our Tagline, "Bridging the Gaps, Sharing our Stories” reflects our mission to connect people through storytelling. We believe that sharing stories is a powerful way to break down barriers and build understanding between people, encouraging connections and connectivity that’s essential to our wellbeing.


Join us on Talking Generations Podcast as we explore the experiences and perspectives of people from across the UK and further. Together, we can build a more connected and inclusive society.

Listen To Our Ambassadors

Jess & Norma are the first ambassadors for Intergenerational England and supporters of the #TalkingGenerations campaign which highlights the importance of connection across generations to help fight ageism and encourage stronger community relationships.


Listen to them on our #TalkingGenerations episode, where they delve deeper into their everyday life, their relationships and what brings them together.

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Get In Touch Today And Let Us Know Your Story Of Connection

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