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Intergenerational Youth Social Action

Case Study

Penda's journey began with his participation in three training sessions, where he not only attended but also took the lead in facilitating activities during the care home workshop. Prior to this experience, Penda had never stepped foot in a care home or led an activity. However, through his involvement, he has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging with newfound confidence and a deeper understanding of how he can contribute to his community through music practices.

Penda has become deeply invested in his community, actively seeking opportunities to remain engaged in youth action and music initiatives. As a result, he and his fellow participants are now gearing up to form a music band, harnessing their collective talents and enthusiasm to make a positive impact together. Penda's journey is a testament to the transformative power of community engagement and the profound impact it can have on individual growth and empowerment.

“It has helped me to develop my skills and made me realise some part of me I didn’t know I had at first, but luckily we have seen the achievement and it has brought some positive change in me”

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