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Case Study


Burdett Coutts Children Session 3 (09/10/23) - Confidence Study and Bond With Residents

The challenge of introducing themselves to residents within the timeframe of a song proved remarkably successful. Notably, each child enthusiastically engaged with the residents, surpassing expectations. Even after the designated activity, spontaneous conversations continued, indicating a growing comfort level.

Burdett Coutts Children Session 4 (16/10/23) - Confidence Study and Bond With Residents

The introduction of a game involving name stickers demonstrated a significant improvement in the children's connection with the residents. Children not only remembered residents' names but also took the initiative to inquire about their well-being, showcasing a deepening bond beyond the structured activities.

Burdett Coutts Children Session 6 (06/11/23) - Confidence Study and Bond With Residents

The increased number of residents did briefly affect the children's initial shyness, but they quickly engaged with the larger group. The session's highlight was the unprompted goodbyes, showcasing a genuine bond and respect developed between the children and residents.

Child Case Study - 'S' - Session 2 (02/10/23)

'S' transitioned from initial shyness to active engagement. Notably confident in introducing herself, she demonstrated inclusivity during group activities and showed a keen interest in involving residents in various tasks, signifying a developing connection.

Child Case Study - 'S' - Session 4 (16/10/23)

Despite missing a session, 'S' emerged as a creative contributor, sparking ideas that inspired the entire group. Her confidence grew further as she actively collaborated with a resident during group work, exemplifying a commitment to inclusivity.

Resident Case Study - 'R' - Session 3 (09/10/23)

Initially quiet, 'R' transformed during a writing task. Paired with children, she shared her experiences, notably her presence during WWII, creating an enriching exchange that captivated the children.



  • "The workshops were helpful as they boosted my confidence."

  • "The song was fun to make and worked well."

  • "It was helpful to connect with new people."


  • "It lets you forget yourself for a bit."

  • "I loved it! From the word 'go' I was off!"

  • "I'm feeling good today because I knew this session was happening and I'd get to see the kids."


Intergenerational Music Making child case study

Child Case Study – ‘S’ – Session 2 (02/10/23)

S was one of the more shy children when I initially met everyone. I couldn’t quite tell whether the shyness was because of the un-known space and people or whether she wasn’t enjoying the experience. In the third week I saw a glimpse of her coming out of her shell a bit and enjoying interacting with the residents. She was quite confident when introducing herself to each resident in the first activity and when she took part in the writing task she was good at involving the residents in her group, often referring to them by name. I really got the sense that she was wanting to get to know them and involve them in the activities. I’m hoping this confidence will grow further in the next few sessions.

Child Case Study – ‘S’ – Session 4 (16/10/23)

S had been at the first two sessions but had missed session three and therefore had missed out on some of the team building games from last week as well as the discussions around being a Londoner and living in the city.

Early on in the session we were working on coming up with a chorus for our London song and the children were struggling to come up with ideas. S was the first child to really offer up something that got the ball rolling, igniting a bit more creativity in the rest of the group. This also appeared to boost S’s confidence who was then really keen to come up with other ideas. When we later split into groups there was one resident, M, who was not in a group. S was quick to offer to work with her and was excellent at engaging with M and incorporating her ideas into the song. M was really appreciative of the one-to-one setup and loved being able to tell stories to S who would then go on to scribble down some ideas.

Resident Case Study – ‘R’ – Session 3 (09/10/23)

R was quite quiet and perhaps a bit withdrawn when I first met her. I wasn’t entirely sure how much she would interact in the session. For most of the warmup she was observing rather than taking part although she was clearly enjoying the various things going on. Later in the session we did a writing task around the theme of ‘being a Londoner’. I put R and another lady with a group of 4 boys to come up with their ideas. The boys weren’t particularly good at involving the two residents and needed a bit of encouragement to ask them questions and engage with them. One of the boys eventually asked when R was born and she told them she was born in 1932 and was around during WWII. This prompted a lovely exchange between R and the four boys where R started talking about her ‘experience of being in London for so many years which the boys found fascinating (see attached video clip for this moment).

In conclusion, the intergenerational music and movement workshops successfully facilitated meaningful connections between children and residents, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of unity. The SPICE framework effectively captures the evolution from the initial setting to the positive changes observed, emphasising the significance of such interventions in building stronger and more cohesive communities.


Anything Can Happen In London! - By Burdett Coutts Year 6 and Norton House


When you miss the bus, don't start to fuss - Just keep calm and carry on!.

When it starts to rain, don't complain - Just keep calm and carry on!.

When there's a tube strike, don't start a fght - Just keep calm and carry on!.

Anything can happen in London... So just keep calm and carry on!

Verse 1

Step inside the London Eye, from up the top you can view the sky.

You can see Big Ben and St James's Park and watch all the people having a lark.

Westminster Abbey is a famous sight and the Tower of London, that's alright!

Telephone boxes and big red busses, St Paul's Cathedral looking so regal


Verse 2

Come and see the many places, smiling people and different faces

It might get cold when there's a storm but tea and biscuits will keep you warm

Londoner's love Sunday roast, but brussel sprouts can be quite gross!

Who can forget those beans on toast but it's fish and chips we love the most!


Verse 3

See the community in the East End, there you'll find a forever friend

Sailing a boat down the river Thames, Margaret never ever wants it to end!

Visit the markets for a bargain search, then stop off for lunch at St Martins church

Remember the soldiers from World War II, we're proud of them and London too!

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