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Musicali-Tea:Tea, Tales and Tunes

Case Study

A wonderful free event at Holy Sepulchre | The National Musicians’ Church | Holborn Viaduct | London | EC1A 2DQ that brings the local community together for tales and music.

12pm - 2pm every Thursday.

Our Impact: 


Bringing people together

Sharing joy through music 

Offering a warm welcome 

Collaborating with our community 

Celebrating our heritage 

Serving those in need


“This was a delightful event from start to finish. The audience were so grateful to have a safe, welcoming space to come to and during the singing they radiated joy.”

“The church uses the possibilities for community, the arts and worship equally and to the fullest. Holy Sepulchre London is an integral part of these three aspects for the surrounding community and beyond.”

“The combination of singing with tea, sandwiches and cake, with a London tour guide speaker too, is a brilliant celebration of culture, comforts and the power of wholesome company.”

“The people are incredible. Such an amazing, universally welcoming atmosphere - extraordinary. I’ve never encountered this from every single person at a place, but here it genuinely is the case.”

“We received a warm welcome from the event organisers, church staff and the audience at Holy Sepulchre London.”

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